Mercedes Sprinter 2017
  • VIP Мерседес Спринтер 8 мест
  • Мерседес Спринтер белый
  • Салон белого Спринтера
  • Кроесла белого Спринтера

Mercedes Sprinter 2017

Rent with a driver*
per hour
transfer to airport
min. order
from 25$
from 60$
from 40$
* Departure outside Minsk is paid separately
Promotion – discount 10% when renting a car for a day



Mercedes Sprinter 2017

Minibus of VIP class Mercedes Sprinter.

Electric door, personal comfort seats with adjustment, illuminated ceiling in Maybach style.

Suitable for both short and long trips, large luggage space.

Minibus manufactured in 2020, 2.2 diesel. Equipped with 5 separate multi-armchairs and a 3-seater electric sofa, this is a salon with 8 VIP-class seats. the seats are well spaced and comfortable over long distances. Individual lights for each passenger, and USB connectors for phone charging. There is a TV with Internet access and a refrigerator for drinks. Large side electric door and a height of more than 2m for a comfortable fit. The high ground clearance of the vehicle increases the cross-country ability in winter conditions, ensuring greater safety.

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